Why you should Limit Access to Your Databases

Your company’s databases contain all kinds of important information. Records of clients, vendors, and partners are all contained in your records. Yet, if too many employees have access to this sensitive data your business could be at risk. You might feel employees need access to sensitive records to complete their jobs, but you should sit back and take a second look. Implementing a Privileged Identity Management can help protect your most sensitive data.

Every company has its share of disgruntled employees. Yet, this employee might have access to information he doesn’t need to have. For example, your business might have silent partners and business associations that the employee has no business reading about. The reality is a disgruntled employee may be stealing your most sacred information, like vendor data. If this person leaves your company, will this end up in your competitor’s lap? It could unless you institute a robust Privileged Identity Management program.

It is easy to become complacent if you run a small company or department. After all, everybody is friendly and works well together. However, information theft is real and cause damage to your business. If the wrong data is stolen it can embarrass clients, your business, and hurt your reputation. If the breach is severe enough it could put your business in serious peril. Security in business must be taken seriously.

Do not be afraid to eliminate administration rights to people who do not need them. Re-evaluate what level of access each employee really needs to do their jobs. Access to the most sensitive data should only be allowed by top management. Implementing a Privileged Identity Management system does not mean you have lost faith in your employees. Keep in mind, accidents and mistakes can happen. An employee in a secure area might inadvertently delete software that can cause havoc for other departments.

In the end, Privileged Identity Management allows upper management and business owners to control access to their most sensitive records. Certainly you trust your employees or you would not have hired them. Yet, every business has a disgruntled employee somewhere within its ranks. If an employee does not need access to a certain area to do their job, simply do not allow them to enter that area, period. Your clients, partners, and vendors are all vital to the success of your business. Do not let these valuable records get into the wrong hands.


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