Why Every Collector Needs the Morgan Dollar in Their Collection

If you were to ask a coin collector what type of coin is essential to their collection, most of them would answer that the Morgan dollar coin is the one that is the centerpiece of their investment or collection. The Morgan dollar has been one of the most sought after coins by investors and collectors for decades now. If you are new to collecting, you might be wondering what exactly makes this coin so special that every collector is just dying to have one in their own personal collections.

One of the many reasons that collectors love the Morgan dollar is because of its beautiful artwork. Many collectors consider the engraving of Lady Liberty on the heads side of the coin to be one of the best representations of this symbol of freedom found on any currency. One of the unique facts of this silver dollar coin is that George T. Morgan, the man who designed the coin, ditched the traditional Roman style figure and instead used a regular woman as the model for Lady Liberty. Along with Lady Liberty, the back side of the coin boasts a great engraving of the other symbol of American freedom, which is the bald eagle. Morgan captured this majestic symbol in all of its glory in a touching way that makes this coin stand out from the rest.

Another reason every collector wants the Morgan dollar is because this coin has a high value. The silver dollar coin is made from some of the most pure silver of any coin out on the market. The coin contains 90% silver, which is a very high purity. The other 10% of the coin is made up of other metals. Coins are made this way so that they are not damaged or bent easily. Silver is a softer metal and would bend at the slightest touch if not mixed with these other metals. This high purity of silver means that when the price of silver is on the rise, this coin is worth tons of money for those who own one.

Many people enjoy collecting the Morgan dollar coin because of the history behind the coin and the period of time the coin is from. There is a very interesting history to the coin that captures the minds of history buffs and collectors alike. One of the best ways to locate this coin is to do a search for it on the Internet. Be sure that the dealer you buy from only sells coins that have been graded and authenticated.

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