What You Should Know About the Biofreeze 32 Oz Pump Bottle


Biofreeze as a product was first introduced by a medical mind that had only one intention: to help a family relative find relief from intense arthritis pain. He created a natural formula based on the idea of a topical analgesic, a painkiller that works by soaking into the skin and into the muscle, where eventually the formula affected the nervous system and distracted pain signals traveling to the brain. 

The key ingredients in the Biofreeze 32 Oz Pump Bottle product are menthol and Ilex, as well as other ingredients that result in fast pain relief that lasts for hours—and all without injecting chemicals into your body. Today, the Biofreeze formula is renowned in the medical industry for the therapeutic benefits it brings to arthritis sufferers, not to mention athletes recovering from injury, or patients struggling with sprained ankles. When you apply gel from the Biofreeze 32 Oz Pump Bottle product, you can expect it to feel cool and then warm as it goes deeper into the muscle. This is part of its activity; heat-cooling therapy. 

The gel formula has its own distinct advantages from sprays and roll-on products (offered by the same company), since the massage and patient-touch treatments have proven to be successful in many cases. Then again, sprays and roll-ons are sometimes preferred so that the user can reach extremities when necessary—something that might not be possible with a gel-based formula. 

The Biofreeze 32 Oz Pump Bottle is made available by the Performance Health Company, a brand that was later taken over by the “Hygenic Corporation” in 2006. This Ohio-based company now offers a variety of pain management products for users, doctors and therapists. Remember, if you are trying this special analgesic formula, do not underestimate its power. It is not to be repeated beyond four times in a day. You may even want to talk to a doctor before planning to administer the analgesic on a regular basis, just to make sure it doesn’t cause interaction with other painkillers. That said, this natural alternative does have some distinctive advantages over other OTC and prescription painkillers, the least of which is not the hands-on or hands-free option you are given.

Don’t let the pain of aging or injury slow your zest for life down. About 76 million people in the U.S. suffer from pain, and some 40 million suffer from arthritic pain specifically. This is a solution that could help you. 

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