We Have Enjoyed Spa Products for Millennia

Yes, historians claim that mankind has been enjoying spa products for thousands of years. While you may know that ancient Rome enjoyed their baths and medieval kings their 'spring healing", you may be surprised to know that prehistoric man also found use in spa products; specifically, in the healing effects of water and minerals. 

Yes, archaeological findings suggest that pre-historic man journeyed to hot springs to find relief from various ailments. Further findings, down to the France and Czech eras, suggest people long ago sought relief from war in spring areas. Of course, back then people did not simply believe in the refreshing properties of water. They actually attached spiritual significance to these baths and springs. There were many rituals performed near these waters, by Native American peoples, as well as Persians, Babylonians and Egyptians.

And so today, even though you may not talk to God while you enjoy the hot tub or get a pedicure, you still get a measure of spiritual fulfillment out of the spa experience. Yes, when we go to the day spa or to the vacation spa, we look forward to soaking, to mud baths, to mineral baths and massages. They heal us and refresh us. Sometimes such therapies can even heal or at least reduce the severity of pains and aches. 

Spa products today are a natural extension of these healing methods and techniques. You have computer-controlled tables, oxygenators, facial steamers, wax warmers and infraderm high frequency devices. These spa products offer the best in luxury…and indeed, there are more options that you can afford!

The best thing to do is to determine what benefits and techniques you want to offer your own clients. What are the most important spa items and what items are of lesser importance? You can always buy more amenities later on. In the meantime, make sure that you are offering a complete experience, one that doesn’t skimp on the most important details. (i.e. don’t bother offering poor quality beauty treatments if your whole budget is going on hydrotherapy)

For more information on spa training and massage techniques, visit a health news website or visit an online store to start previewing new devices and décor items. Remember the great implications of the proverbial spa: to heal and replenish. This is a tradition dating back thousands of years. Buy quality merchandise and learn proper techniques so you can offer your clients a wonderful, relaxing time. 

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