U.S. Gold Coins for New and Old Investors

All investors want to make money on their investments, and they want to make sure that those investments are a safe place. Of course, with many of the investments in the world today, from unsteady stocks to a faltering real estate market, finding the right investment can be troublesome. It is important that you always research the areas that interest you before you spend money, and that holds true when you are investing in metals as well. Gold is a great investment, and you can find some simple and effective ways of getting into the market. U.S. gold coins are the simplest option for most people.

When it comes to U.S. gold coins, you have two options available. You will be able to buy the American Eagle gold coins and the American Buffalo. The coins both have quite a bit of potential, but they are different. An examination of each of the coins should help you make your decision.

The American Buffalo coin is 24 karat gold, the purest gold coin from the United States Mint. The coins all have a weight of one troy ounce, and they first came on to the market in 2006. They've been very popular with investors, and they are high quality coins. The coins have an image of a Native American man on one side and a buffalo on the other. Astute coin aficionados will note that this design is very similar to the Indian Head nickels.

The other option in U.S. gold coins is the American Eagle. These coins are 22 karats, and they come in different sizes and denominations. You will be able to choose the one-ounce coins, half-ounce coins, quarter-ounce coins and tenth-ounce coins. Their respective face values are $50, $25, $10 and $5. It is nice that buyers have more options with the sizes, as it offers many more people to be able to enter the market. Because they are bullion coins, you can be sure that they will always retain at least their face value. Of course, with the price of gold going higher, it makes sense that the coins are going to continue to be worth far more.

When you are considering a gold investment, U.S. gold coins are a great way to do it. They are easy to buy and they are easy to keep on your property. You will want to begin your investment before the price of gold rises further.

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