TV Show Reruns Hit All the Right Nostalgia Buttons - Why?

If you have ever heard a particular tune, seen a still or animated image or happened upon a video clip that brought your childhood rushing back, then you have most likely been a "victim" of television nostalgia.

It is odd how these little clips or sounds of shows we haven't seen or thought of in many years can trigger powerful feelings. When struck by this powerful nostalgia you may find yourself searching for cable TV deals, in order to re-watch some of your old, favorite programs.

Television nostalgia can be so powerful that people devote entire web sites to the discussion of some of their favorite old shows. One such site Retro TV talks about many shows from their younger years and has people ready to start looking for deals in the hopes of finding a better deal with even more channels than they currently have.

Why are these feelings of nostalgia so powerful and so easily evoked by the smallest of prompts? The explanation is fairly easy to understand if we take a look at a couple of factors.

Perhaps, the easiest way to understand the nostalgic effects of television on a person is to look at how and why television is so popular.

For some the nostalgia has less to do with the TV show than with the environment surrounding how you watched TV. In many cases younger viewers had specific shows they watched with their family or friends. The years pass, they move and see their family and friends less and less often. The shows that will make these people most nostalgic will be the ones that bring back those feelings of closeness they had when sharing that show with friends and family.

Some TV shows that create a strong feeling of nostalgia are ones that had special meaning for the person who watched them. These types of shows do not rely on feelings of connection to friends and family but are nostalgic for their content, as they were often viewed when alone.

Other nostalgic feelings can come from shows that centered on places the viewer could not go. It could have been a show dealing with a distant land, fiction that allowed you, the viewer, the chance to explore space or even sporting events covering a favorite team, almost like holding season tickets without the huge cost.

No matter the root cause for these feelings, the nostalgia can be overwhelming and may even trigger many other comforting feelings and memories.

If you are interested in further exploring the idea of television and the associated nostalgic affects you may wish to read this book to find out more on the subject. Maybe it is time to check for cable deals in your area; you have nothing to lose and may regain some treasured memories.

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