Treating Tennis Elbow with Kiniseo Tape

The bane of tennis players everywhere isn’t losing tennis balls, a damaged racket, or rain clouds threatening to end their game. If you’ve ever suffered from tennis elbow, you’ll know that this injury is one of the biggest frustrations that a tennis player can experience. Tennis elbow can make it painful to move your arm and even everyday activities like cooking or typing can lead to further soreness. Kiniseo tape, which is used by a variety of athletes to treat injuries to ligaments and muscles, can bring a sense of relief to tennis players suffering from elbow pain. The use of Kiniseo tape can also prevent an elbow from experiencing pain in the first place.

Lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow, affects players and non-athletes alike. The injury causes pain and inflammation on and around the elbow area. At times, this pain can feel like a burning sensation, but it can also take on a dull throbbing form. The reason behind the pain is due to inflammation or tiny tears to the tendons that connect muscle, bone, and ligaments together at the elbow point. The repetitious movements of playing tennis can cause the injury, as can other physical activities like keyboard typing and heavy use of a computer mouse. A doctor is not usually needed to diagnose tennis elbow; by stretching or touching the tender area, a person can usually interpret tennis elbow as the cause of their symptoms.

Treating tennis elbow through the use of Kiniseo tape, icing the spot, and resting the elbow are all good methods of abating pain and healing the area. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, resting the affected arm for a few weeks is the most important treatment for an injured elbow. This includes not playing tennis or putting a temporary stop to the activity that caused tennis elbow. Kiniseo tape can then be applied from the wrist to the forearm using several techniques that depend on the seriousness of the injury and the type of support needed for the elbow. A physical therapist or professional coach can show the patient how best to apply the tape.

Tennis is a good sport to play for physical health, stress relief, and enjoyment. Like with any form of exercise, injury sometimes occurs no matter how careful we are in preventing it. Tennis elbow can be painful, but with the proper care, the pain will subside in a few short weeks, and you’ll be back to swinging backhands in no time.

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