Top Engineering Careers in Ohio

The broad field of engineering offers a number of career paths, from basic disciplines such as civil engineering and electrical engineering to more specific disciplines such as photonics engineering or solar fuel systems engineer. With so many paths to choose from, your best bet is to find the top careers in your area for a better outlook on job availability. In Ohio, you have a number of top careers to follow in engineering.

Civil Engineers and Technicians

As a civil engineer, you will work with physical systems like buildings, bridges, and transportation. You will be responsible for designing, planning, construction, and management of these systems. In Ohio, projected outlooks for job openings show a growth in demand.

Civil engineering technicians assist civil engineers with infrastructure projects and land development. Growth in this sector is expected to grow even faster than civil engineering.

Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer hardware engineers work with computer equipment. You will be researching, designing, and developing equipment like circuit boards and chips. Your problem solving with computer hardware can lead to advances in computer technology. Job outlook for this type of engineering is expected to grow over the next few years.

Environmental Engineers

With focus on preserving the environment, as an environmental engineer you'll have a hand in solving problems plaguing the environment. You use engineering and other scientific principles to formulate solutions to existing problems such as improving waste disposal and water and pollution control. Jobs are set to grow faster than average for this career path.

Materials Engineers

Materials engineers are involved in the developing and testing of materials for products. The range of projects is vast, from computer chips to snow skis. As a materials engineer you can be an innovator in the selection and ways a material is used. Careers available in Ohio in your field are expected to continue growth.

Computer Software Engineers

As a computer software engineer you are responsible for computer applications or software systems, depending on your specialization. Designing, testing, developing, and maintaining programs are your main such as video games and operating systems are the main responsibilities for this position. Both disciplines are projected to grow in Ohio.

Engineering Teachers

This may be a career path you haven’t thought of, but teachers are usually in demand, especially for a specialized subject as engineering. You can teach a number of subjects from engineering courses to more generalized courses that engineers use such as high level math courses. Engineering teaching jobs are showing projected growth and afford you the opportunity to network and make connections with visiting engineers and companies should you decide to go back into engineering.

Engineering Managers

Management is always a good goal for moving up within a company. Internal promotions are usually how these positions are filled and experience is essential. A higher degree is sometimes a requirement, so if you are looking to manage in whatever field of engineering you are currently working; pursuing more education such as an engineering management master or other program is an ideal choice and will make you more marketable in your quest for advancement.

As an engineering manager you could lead a team in developing new technology, oversee design and testing, or work directly with customers to provide viable solutions to their needs.

Though the economy hasn't been as stable in years before and for many career paths, job outlook has declined, there are many sectors of engineering that are still experiencing growth. In Ohio, if you pursue a career in the fields above that are set to continue to grow, you'll have a better chance at job placement.

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