Toms River Solar Energy Systems and Startling New Facts

It has often been said that in a single hour, enough sunlight hits earth to supply electricity to the entire planet for a year! That is certainly a lot of untapped potential, and is a great reason to consider installing Toms River solar energy systems for your home. Here are a few more facts for you to consider when choosing solar energy. 

From certain sources, it is currently estimated that oil reserves will only last until 2052 (40 years), gas reserves only have until 2065 (53 years) and coal reserves have until 2155 (143 years) before they are empty. If these predictions are even close to being right, it means that prices are going to start going up as these items run out. Common sense tells us that when prices for these products go up, the prices for electricity also go up, and this can be a major nightmare if you are reliant on the electric companies. Luckily, way back in 2012 you installed Toms River residential solar panels and have been enjoying free energy ever since and didn’t have to deal with any of the electricity nightmares… this is what you could be thinking in 20 years! 

Another startling fact is that $300 billion (that is billion with a B) dollars a year are thrown away on energy waste such as badly insulated homes, windows and doors not properly sealed, and energy draining appliances that are not efficient. Most top quality solar panel installers, such as New Jersey’s own Verengo Solar, can do a walkthrough of your home and help you determine your energy usage and where you could be saving. Simple switches, such as energy saving light bulbs and a few key appliance switches, can really rack up the energy savings over a year’s time. Dealing with the professionals that install Toms River solar energy systems can help you maximize your savings so that the system pays for itself in a short amount of time. 

Another startling fact is that three quarters of the whole world’s energy is generated by burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels unfortunately damage our planet due to harmful emissions. Switching to Toms River solar energy systems helps our planet and all of our futures, as solar energy is completely “green”. As more and more people become aware of the damage we are causing to our planet, and the possible catastrophic outcomes, the more solar panels (and other forms of green energy) will become more prevalent. 

Switching to Toms River solar energy systems will save you money in the long run, stop your dependence on electric companies and help the earth, and that’s a fact! 



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