The Rewarding Road to Teacher Certification

A good teacher was once a good student.

Becoming a teacher is a big commitment. As with any career, teaching can have its ups and downs, its challenges and obstacles. It’s a good idea to ask yourself, “Why become a teacher?”

Consider the benefits and rewards of teaching. Consider a teaching certification program to enrich the lives of everyone involved.

Teaching is more than just a job. A lot of people work to make a living, pay the bills and climb the skyscraper-tall ladder. Teachers work with people on a daily level as mentor, educator, and someone who really cares about the minds and hearts of other people – their students.

Teaching can make a difference in the lives of others. Teachers know and understand what it was like to have a good teacher when they were learning. A student who feel inspired to learn, build on his talents and maximize his efforts, is a student who has teachers making a difference. It’s a wonderful experience to see students open up, learn and grow into new understandings and insights.

A creative teacher develops a creative student. Teaching is a creative job. It fosters much more than building character. Teaching provides other people with new skills, insights, creativity and capacity to reach new potential. There’s a lot of variety and new things happening each year in the field of teaching. From finding creative variety in teaching methods and topics to teaching new students every year, teaching can be an  interesting and creative vocation.

Teaching means you’ll keep learning yourself. Do you like to learn? Most teachers do. Teachers need to keep up on their subjects and there’s always that student who asks the challenging questions. Teaching will keep you on your toes and interested in your job, because you’ll be learning, too.

Teaching gives you more time in the summer. Work hard in the winter, play hard in the summer – or relax. Many times a teacher’s vacation is over the summer months, or it is split into quarters through the year, but in general, teachers enjoy more time off. When they’re working, they’re working very hard, but those weeks or months they have off can offer time to either relax or even find another education-related job to make supplemental income.

Do you like to be your own boss? While teachers to have a boss to answer to, they make the decisions about what happens daily in their classroom – admittedly within a core curriculum. They decide on the creative techniques they’ll use to inspire. Teachers rarely have a micromanager working over their shoulders.

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