The Primary Advantages of a Xen Backup Application

Xen backup software, or open-source system, refers to a virtual machine monitor.  This is an application that allows a user to partition his computer into several different machines, namely through “guest” operating systems.  There is one primary operating system and a number of guests that can include any system from Linux to Unix to even Microsoft Windows.  There are three main reasons to use Xen—Internet hosting, LAN or for added security on a PC or desktop computer.

Xen backup and Xen certainly help in web hosting because of the organization they provide.  The web hosting company can use hypervisors to provide private virtual servers.  Individual users or small companies can also rely on Xen and other virtual machines for protection and emulation.  Viruses can easily be isolated and removed, as entire OS’s are easy to uninstall and reinstall (and it doesn’t require your entire computer to do so).  On the other hand, if you discovered a virus on your only computer—with millions of important files—it would be a disaster!  In addition, virtual machines allow benefits of consolidation, dynamic fault tolerance, complete separation of virtual operating systems and the avoidance of rebooting the entire computer whenever a problem happens.

The Xen backup application in particular offers some excellent benefits.  Users can expect faster performance as well as better optimization and less network traffic.  Storage space has been drastically reduced with Xen-centric systems, even better than other virtualization software programs.  Xen restore and backup allows users to integrate management for data protection without physical separation and without the need for multiple scripts.  It is like operating several computers at once!  Just think of how your business could expand if you had several computers performing a variety of tasks.  You can actually run these all of these systems at once, depending on your CPU resources, so the sky is the limit.

Where can you get Xen backup software?  The original 2000-decade Xen was offered for free by XenSource but that company was later acquired by Citrix.  Citrix did release commercial versions of Xen, which featured enhancements beyond the original programming.  However, free versions of the original Xen still remain, as per the company’s promise.  Nevertheless, commercial versions of the software still provide a great deal of extra features in the ways of performance and convenience.  This is very important software to have, so look for software downloads at a trusted solutions company. 


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