The Little Gold Coin that Deserves Your Attention

The Little Gold Coin that Deserves Your Attention

When you want to purchase a gold coin for your collection, one of the first things that you will notice is that you have many different options from which to choose. You may accidentally overlook some of the best options, though, so plenty of research is a definite necessity. Instead of trying to look at every single gold coin that is available, the best thing to do is consider each one individually so that you can weigh its merits all on its own. This way, you will find it much less overwhelming to choose the right gold coin for your collection.

For the sake of considering just one coin at a time, then read on to learn about the little gold coin that definitely deserves your attention. If you have not already, you will want to consider this one for your collection.

The gold coin often referred to as “Stella” is a historic piece that includes a face value of four dollars. This coin is unique in that it does not compare in design to any other American coin. While most of the coins include American icons on both the front and back, this one is quite different.

The front of the Stella coin is similar to other gold coins. It includes a profile of Lady Liberty. There are two different designs. In one, Lady Liberty’s hair is coiled at her neck. In the other, it is flowing loose. These two coins were designed by Charles Barbar and George T. Morgan respectively.

It is the back of this gold coin that makes it so different and gives it its nickname. On the back, a large star includes the word “Stella” in print. This word actually means “star” in Latin. The star is surrounded by wording, including the United States of America and four dollars. This specific design on the back of the coin makes it unique to itself. No other American coin includes a large star on the back of it.

If you have decided to choose gold coin options for your own collection, then you have plenty to choose from. However, instead of trying to choose from a large pool of coins with no real direction, consider each of your options individually. This will make the choice easier on you. The Stella coin is definitely a little gold coin to consider since it is both unique in design and valuable in investment.