The Latest News for Palladium Metal and Investment

Are you looking for information on precious metals collecting, particularly platinum family metals?  Palladium and platinum are currently experiencing a bit of a slump price-wise, and are both considered less pricey than gold.  However, many investors and financial experts continue to predict these metals will rise again.  After all, these metals are considered rare and precious, not to mention industrial. 

Nevertheless, the fact that these metals are industrial is still a major factor in determining the current slumping price.  Industrial metals move with the market, unlike gold.  Therefore, the entire supply and demand of these metals are partly based on the stock market, and on the general economic scene.  In fact, these metals actually thrive in price and value when economic conditions are favorable and industry (particularly the auto industry) is booming.  The fact that the worldwide economy is down, and the auto industry is suffering, does play an important role in decreasing both platinum and palladium price. 

At this point in time the lesser metal is priced $825 per troy ounce.  Platinum price has also declined.  Some experts believe that the Japan disasters also impacted the price of both metals (both of which are in the same family), since this directly affected the demand for auto catalysts, which is the platinum metal family’s greatest use.  A 2010 estimate suggests that as much as 60% of palladium and 40% of platinum are used for this purpose.

In addition, many investors are choosing platinum family metals for store of value investment, apart from industrial needs.  Indeed, these metals do have significant advantages over U.S. currency, and certainly over the euro, which is struggling greatly because of bailouts.

What about you and precious metals investment?  If you are considering investing in new metals besides gold and silver then think about the platinum family.  There are bullion cars and even coins to look into.  Both metals are available in coinage, including American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf series. 

Once you diversify your assets in precious metals, you actually lose very little.  The only money that’s not directly converted into metal for you is the commission the dealer makes.  This diversification will actually save you from inflation and total currency collapse!  As a metal, palladium is very lustrous and appealing, and looks and feels like platinum.  This element makes for great coins!

Why not contact a dealer today to learn more about your precious metals collecting options? 


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