The Difference Between Airsoft and Paintbal

The Difference Between Airsoft and Paintball

War stimulation games are popular around the world. Airsoft and paintball have been enjoyed as a sport and as tools for realistic training exercises. While both sports require agility, accuracy, and strategic planning, the primary difference between the two is the type of weapons used. In Airsoft, automatic electric guns are used, whereas paintball markers are used in paintball.

Automatic electric guns are designed to resemble real guns as far as their appearance, operation and handling are concerned. They use biodegradable plastic pellets that can travel up to 700 feet per second. Paintball guns, on the other hand, use gelatin capsules called paintballs, which, on average, travel 300 feet per second. These capsules are filled with water-soluble liquid that includes dyes. Once the paintball hits an opponent, it bursts open leaving an obvious mark.

When a player is hit in paintball, the effects are readily apparent. In Airsoft, a player must announce when they are hit. This requires trust between players, which can be a beneficial aspect of training exercises. Both sports are used by military to safely practice scenario situations. The equipment in these sports allows for effective simulation of real-life battle. This is why these games are such a draw for scenario-game enthusiasts.

Equipment for both games has evolved considerably over time. For instance, Airsoft guns were originally manufactured in Japan as single-shot guns. Every time a shot was fired, the shooter would have to cock the gun. Eventually, manufacturers developed electric powered guns. These days, these guns can shoot hundreds of plastic pellets per minute.

With either type of game, you will have many choices of guns. Although Airsoft guns are now available as electronic powered devices, some people prefer spring-loaded versions. Electronically powered guns have obvious advantages. You will be able to take out opponents much quicker for one. However, you are more likely to empty out your ammunition supply very quickly. In addition, their long distance accuracy is not as good as spring-loaded devices. The electronic guns are designed for close combat. If your battery runs out or you run out of ammunition, you will have to take the time to reload which could cost you the game.

Before beginning either sport, consider talking with experienced players or researching your equipment options online. Initial costs for both sports can add up quickly, so it is best to be informed in order to get the most bang for your buck. You will find a variety of choices for beginners and advanced players.

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