The Benefits of Chewy Tubes


Chewy Tubes can help autistic children. They are free of latex, non-toxic and come in various sizes. Although most kids grow out of the initial biting phase, some still need extra oral input. The Chewy Tubes are discreet, so they draw little attention to the child. It’s often a great investment for parents to make.

Autistic children bite for a number of reasons. Those who suffer from an extreme form of autism don’t realize that they are hurting others. They are unable to make the connection that biting hurts. It’s the same way for young children who are not autistic; however, they eventually learn that biting is not a nice thing to do. For autistic kids, it often takes a lot longer to learn not to bite others. That’s why Chewy Tubes are so handy; they give children an outside source to bite. It’s even a great way to keep their minds active.

When autistic children are unable to communicate their aggravation, they often resort to biting. Fortunately, Chewy Tubes are available to keep children busy. The tubes may serve as a form of stress relief. Not only that, but they can also help a child communicate that something is wrong. Biting on Chewy Tubes is a great outlet for autistic children who have a difficult time interacting with others.

Some autistic kids bite when they have pent-up energy. When a child is excited and hyper, biting is a way to release some of that enthusiasm. The same thing may happen when the child is bored. Biting on the tube can help the child focus and calm down. It’s also common for autistic children to have oral fixations. When this occurs, Chewy Tubes are a great stimulant. They give children something safe to put in their mouths.

The tubes are made from a solid and resilient material. When children use them, they can chew without causing harm to others or themselves. These tools are also beneficial for children who have a hard time eating. Chewy Tubes can serve as a non-food object for children to practice eating the proper way. Through careful management, these tubes can help autistic children cope with their impulses. It’s a great way to manage a child’s compulsion to bite. The tubes even come in four different fun colors. For instance, consumers can choose between yellow or red.


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