T505 - Motorola T505 speaker phone � piece #1

Too many accidents occur on the road today because of people talking on their cellular phones while driving. Bluetooth technology has made it possible for people to keep their hands on the wheel and still be able to answer phone calls and converse with people, but perform that task safely. The Motorola T505 Bluetooth wireless visor speakerphone is a fantastic device that people can use in the car to stay in touch with other people while on the road.

Many states forbid using a cell phone while driving. The T505 ensures that a driver is obeying the law without having to sacrifice the need to stay connected while away from home and the office. The Motorola T505 speaker phone attaches to the sun visor in any vehicle using the clip that is part of the device. Since the T505 is so close to the head when being used in this fashion the user will experience fabulous reception. People can use the Motorola T505 speaker phone without worry because this item communicates via encrypted airwaves. Therefore, an individual can count on secure, private conversations.

Since the Motorola T505 speaker phone does not need to be connected to an actual phone the user can be as much as 33 feet away from the device. This is ideal when using a phone and the T505 in an office environment, allowing an individual to multi-task and accomplish other tasks while engaged in a phone conversation. The T505 has many other features that make this item a great buy: easy pairing to any Bluetooth enabled phone; possibility for Audio CallerId in order to hear the number of the person calling and the Motorola T505 speaker phone also supports voice dialing.

Cellular Accessories for Less has the T505 in stock today for an individual looking for an outstanding hands-free speaker phone!

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