Saving the Environment is a Necessity


Most of us are aware of the detrimental impact the actions of our generation and the preceding generations have had on the planet, creating a widespread concern with climate change, greenhouse gases, global warming, and carbon emissions; however, for many of us, reducing our carbon footprints and going green has been an unaffordable luxury. The government and private corporations have begun to concentrate on the future of the planet, prioritizing it as the necessity that it is. Saving the planet is a necessity, not a luxury, and it has finally begun to be treated as such.

The local and national governments have finally taken note of the considerable personal expense that installing a solar energy system in our homes is, and have begun to offer such incentives as a 30 percent IRS rebate credit, credits from the local government, and the ability to increase the value of our homes without increasing our homeowner’s taxes. Although thousands of dollars in rebates certainly makes installing Woodland Hills solar panels more affordable, the savings do not stop there.

The cost of installing complete solar powered energy systems in our homes has been drastically reduced in the past few years, bringing it to an even more affordable level. It is through the efforts of corporations like Verengo, that consumers are capable of effecting these changes today, offering $0 down for going solar today and installing Verengo solar panels. Verengo has also begun to offer a variety of incentives that include phenomenal discounts and a $500 referral credit for referring your friends.

After you have installed your solar panel system, you will enjoy unlimited savings, giving you the capability to significantly reduce and even eliminate your energy bill, depending on the size of system that you choose to install. While some families initially only install a small system to power their water heater, many families have found that by converting their entire home to solar power and powering every aspect of their home with the sun, their energy bill is completely eliminated, leaving them hundreds of extra dollars each month.

Between corporations and the government, the cost of starting today is nothing, and between discounts, rebates, and price reductions the final price is next to nothing. With such low price for installing Woodland Hills solar panels, the only thing you have to lose is the environment and the quality of life your children will enjoy.

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