Safety Using Paintball Guns

Safety Using Paintball Guns

Paintball can be an exhilarating sport for the devoted player, but it can have its risks just like any other athletic event. If you use proper safety measures at all times during a game, then most serious injuries can be avoided. Safety is very important in this game, and the referee will take it seriously. Anyone that does not follow the safety guidelines will be eliminated from the game.

One of the most important things to remember when playing paintball is to keep your mask and goggles in place while at play. Removing these is a hazard because if paintball guns are fired during the course of the game while you are not wearing your mask and goggles, it can cause a serious head injury. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing for this sport -- no shorts or t-shirts should be worn to prevent paintballs from hitting the skin directly.

Under no circumstances should a referee be fired at during the game. Other players that have been eliminated should not be fired at as they are leaving the field. Players with both hands and paintball guns raised above their heads are either signaling an emergency or that they have already been hit and should not be fired at.

Paintball guns should only be fired at a peak velocity of 300 FPS (feet per second). Do not fire on players closer than twenty feet. You can offer the other player a surrender or both of you can back away from each other until you are far enough apart to shoot safely. Also, make sure to fire at targets only and not blindly into the air or the surrounding area.

One of the most central points to remember in paintball safety is to never play while drinking alcohol or taking illegal or prescription drugs. To perform well at paintball, it is imperative to be aware of all of your surroundings and mindful of what everyone around you is doing. You need to be in your best mental state to play this game so wait to enjoy your favorite beverage until after you’re done.

Most of these safety measures and precautions are common sense, so make sure that you assess any risks that are specific to your location or your team. Put safety first when preparing for and playing paintball and you will have fun and be protected from serious injury.