Relax with Thai Massage


When considering your options for massage techniques, there are several different types of massage depending on who your recipient is.  Some of the most famous types of massage are: Swedish massage, shiatsu, heat therapy, prenatal massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, and Thai massage.  Today we will take a glance at Thai massage and what it brings to the table.

While Thai massage is said to go back to the times of Buddha.  It was not simply the idea of one person.  Thai massage was the product of gathered influences in massage from across the Asian continent.  Over time, it has changed into the form we see today.  

Thai massage is based on air.  The creators of Thai massage believed that air moved throughout the body.  The goal of Thai massage is to keep this air flowing through your body as you breathe it into your lungs.  This theory does not include air flow through the internal organs. 

The funny thing about these Thai ideas is that modern medicine also tells us that air is carried throughout the body through our blood.  While Thai merely speaks of air traveling through vessels, oxygen being carried through the blood stream to all of our extremities is inherently the same concept.

The actual act of Thai massage consists of placing pressure on certain spots of the body.  And if you are interested in getting an easy, relaxing day on the massage table, you better call in a different technique.  Thai massage involves much participation from the recipient.  It is a strenuous massage with stretching of and pressing against the body.  It is certainly not your everyday rubdown.

Thai massage is performed on special Thai massage mats.  You can purchase a MassageWarehouse Thai massage mat and Thai massage pillows from very inexpensively.  These mats are crucial for kneeling, laying, and stretching the body in order for the masseuse to dig deeper and open up your body’s air vessels. 

Thai stretches are very similar to yoga and allow the body to become vulnerable to pressure from the hands and forearms of the masseuse.  Often times, this pressure is placed on the body for extended periods of time so that passageways for air can be opened and held open for the body to reach its maximum level of comfort.  Study and practice Thai massage to find your body’s true potential. You can relax with Thai massage and feel better after doing so!


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