Rehabilitation Equipment and Exercise

When your doctor sends you to physical therapy you will encounter many types of rehabilitation equipment. It is essential that the rehab center you entrust with your health have the best equipment possible. After all, it is your health that is on the line. You will be introduced to exercise equipment, hot and cold therapies, and possibly even massage.

Exercises and the accompanying equipment are designed to restore range of motion and muscle strength. If you have injured your back you will perform exercises that are designed to heal your spine, and strengthen the spine and muscles of the back in an effort to prevent further injury. In addition, if you have been sidelined because of surgery or an injury physical therapy equipment will help you increase endurance, which will combat any possible weight gain due to being inactive. You can expect a complete exercise regimen while you are in physical therapy.

While you are undergoing physical rehabilitation your therapist will teach you how to perform certain exercises at home along with self-care to ensure faster healing time. The goal is to reduce pain, increase the range of motion to the injured area, along with increased strength. Strong and flexible muscles are less likely to become injured than weak muscles. It is also quite possible that the exercises and techniques you learn while at physical therapy will need to become part of your permanent routine.

If you fail to keep lost weight off or become inactive once you have healed you are looking for an injury to again occur. Carrying excess weight places unnecessary stress on joints and major muscle groups, not to mention the negative affect it has on your heart and health in general. Therefore, it is wise to take all you learn at rehab and implement it into a permanent maintenance system. In the end, your body will thank you, and have a good chance of staying injury free. Plus, you’ll look and feel better than you have in years.

To close, when you go to a physical therapy center you will be exposed to many exercises and rehab pieces of equipment. You will also be introduced to hot and cold therapies that are designed to speed up healing. You will work to build up endurance, a full range of motion, along with strength training. To remain injury free, you should take all you learn at rehab and implement into a lifetime maintenance program.

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