Rehab Supplies to Increase Leg and Knee Strength

Whether you have injured your leg or have recently undergone knee replacement surgery, there can be many reasons why you need to increase your leg and knee strength with the help of rehab supplies. Because the leg and knee area of the body are crucial to performing basic tasks, such as walking, it is important that following an injury or surgery you take the time to rebuild strength in these areas. Below are rehab supplies that can help build strength specifically in the legs and knees. When these machines and tools are used properly there should be no added strain or damage caused through exercise.

Leg Press

A leg press is a machine that utilizes weight to build up strength and muscles in the leg. Most leg press machines require that a person sit with their feet pushing the weight of a machine outward or upward. However, there are also leg presses that require a person to stand and lift the weight of the machine with their body instead. Both types of leg presses require slow and controlled movement. Additionally, patients using a leg press should be aware of the amount of weight they are pushing. Patients should never strain their legs because this could cause further injury to the leg or knee area.


Treadmills are a staple at rehabilitation and physical therapy centers because they provide a cardiovascular exercise while also adding strength and muscle to the legs. Patients who are recovering from an injury or surgery should begin their treadmill exercise sets without incline and at a slow speed. Most treadmills also include handrails for patients to hold onto; these can be especially helpful for people who are just getting started with their physical therapy.

Stationary Bike or Pedal Exerciser

Both stationary bikes and pedal pushers can be used for cardiovascular strength as well as knee and leg strength. These rehab machines offer patients a large range of motion through the bending and rotating of the knees as well as discouraging the growth of excess scar tissue that can limit mobility.

With the help of rehab supplies patients can regain strength and movement in their legs and help these areas to recover from injury or surgery. By regaining strength, a person will ensure that their legs do not become injured again through lack of use and frailty. Additionally, their overall recovery times will be much faster than people who do not perform leg-strengthening exercises at all. 

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