Pushing your Brand with Advertising

Advertising your business can be as simple as having a sign in your shop window, a website on the Internet, advertisement in a newspaper, or a 20-second radio spot. However, it’s not the avenue of advertisement in itself that is the most important. Customers need to know “how your business benefits them.” If you can precisely distinguish your benefits, and not your features, you will change simple leads into sales. For example, speak with existing customers; they are familiar with your service which makes them more than qualified to tell you what benefits they are receiving from your business. Why not have talks with your sales staff?  They’re in contact with your customers’ every day. Because of this very fact, they’ll be capable of letting you know what customers like about your business and what they would like to be different, if anything.

The question is “what is the right way to advertise your business?” and how do you articulate those benefits to your customers. Features and benefits are quite different. One is the services you offer; the other is addressing the consumer with the benefits of your service. Let’s take a look at the ways advertising can benefit your business.

Advertising can:

  • Supply pertinent contact information
  • Amplify sales
  • Introduce new products
  • Inform customers of special promotions
  • Create a call to action by enticing customers with special promotions
  • Refresh the minds of existing customers
  • Spawn awareness of your business and assist in creating your brand so that you can stand out from your competitors

Decide where your target market is located; is it local, national, international or all three? Bear in mind that a regional business could benefit from national advertising, especially if you’re looking to expand.  

There are various ways to advertise. Utilizing numerous advertising strategies will hopefully bolster your company’s image, and relay pertinent information.

Various advertising methods:

  • Regional advertising
  • Internet and online directory advertising
  •  Commerce and technical press advertising
  • Radio and movie theatres
  • Television
  • Magazines
  • Prime web sites
  • Telemarketing
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Blogs and forums

Realize that no advertising agency will know your business better than you do. They may know about advertising, but you know about your business. If you want your advertising to be successful, the key ingredient is the message.

Selecting the best advertising for your business will take ample forethought. Usually the biggest concern is about the budget. The amount of funds you’re willing or able to put into advertising will bring home many factors; Where, when and how you can advertise.

Here are a few tips on how to select the right advertising for your business:

  • Know your business, your strengths and weaknesses, and what advertising mediums are best for what your business is offering.
  • Know your audience. What are their ages, gender and lifestyles? What medium does your target audience utilize? If they read more online advertising than print, then its best to go in the direction of Internet advertising like Google AdSense.
  • Who’s your competition? Where do they advertise? Should you be advertising there too?
    What is your feedback telling you? Know what works for you and what doesn’t. This will help you decide the best direction to take for your advertising endeavors.
  • What are your aspirations? Take a look at your statistics to see what may be missing and what changes need to be initiated.

Overall, each company is different. However, the one thing they all have in common is selling, whether selling a service, a product or an idea. By creating the right advertising for your business, you determine the best avenues for success.

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