Plan a Bachelor Party On a Budget in the Buckeye State

Bachelor parties are often associated with role-playing strippers, binge drinking and morning-after amnesia. These premarital parties lament the end of bachelorhood with a grand and boisterous soirée. Your buddy has graciously granted you with the title of “best man,” now award him with an unforgettable and original celebration of his last day before the knot is tied.

It is absolutely vital that you adhere to one thing: Cater to the groom's interests. The party should revolve around the poor soul who is relinquishing his freedom for the sacred institution of marriage — it's all about the groom1. Invite only his closest friends to compose the bachelor-party posse, play his favorite tunes, visit his favorite bars and buy all his drinks, but take responsibility and stop before becoming complicit in his alcohol poisoning.

Now, before brilliant bachelor party advice is revealed, you may have a sudden, unfortunate realization that your meager wages won't materialize the extravagant party you had in mind for the groom. Be sensible and avoid over-extending your credit-card debt or using payday loans in Ohio to fund the night's raucous activities. You'll want to meet the expectations that this time-honored American tradition demands.

Sporting Events

If the groom enjoys football or baseball, a sporting event may be the perfect way to launch the night. Cleveland or Cincinnati? Browns or Bengals, Indians or Reds? Decide which home team to root for and head down to the stadium. Munch on franks and slurp a few beers while enjoying an all-American sport with your buddies.


With its plethora of state parks, Ohio is home to many campgrounds. Rent an RV2 or take your buddy's van and hit the Ohio back country. Rent a cabin or pitch a tent and enjoy some outdoorsy activities in the wilderness. Bond with the boys — go on a hiking adventure, kayak down the river or catch some fish for dinner. Set up a blazing bonfire come evening and reminisce about the past, grill some steaks and tease the groom on his impending marriage.

Amusement Parks

Ohio is home to Sandusky's Cedar Point3, which boasts some of the best roller coasters in the world. The lesser-known and lesser-exhilarating King's Island is also a valid choice. Both have water parks to splash around in if the time of year is right. Ride with your friends on looping steel rails with high-velocity drops. Taking a spin on Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster will rival the sheer adrenal terror of getting hitched.


After some fine dining, drinking and partying at the groom's favorite eatery, bar and club, check in at a hotel for some after-hours fun. It doesn't have to be a luxury suite, but it's ill-advised to lodge in a Motel 6. Given that you and your buddies' brains aren't completely squelched by inebriation, there is still some fun to be had. You may arrange for some scantily-clad visitors to make a surprise appearance for the guys or simply take a relaxing swim in the hotel pool to finish off the night.





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