Paintball Safety Gear and Accessories

Paintball Safety Gear and Accessories

Paintball can be a very entertaining sport for competitive and athletic people. It can also be an extremely dangerous sport as well. Players can potentially suffer from head trauma, bruises, and even eye injuries. If you are going to play this high impact sport, you need to purchase the correct safety gear and accessories to keep both you and your paintball equipment safe.

The first thing that you need to arm yourself with is eye protection. Face masks are essential to the game of paintball and will protect your eyes, ears, and head from potential trauma. Most paintball facilities won’t even let you play without one. The proper face mask will come equipped with eye goggles will cover your entire eye region and will be strong enough to not break under the crushing blow of a paintball. Look for thick, plastic ones that are crack resistant.

Most masks come with a variety of popular add-ons. The first one is a visor. This will help you keep the fun out of your face and allows for a clearer vision. Other masks come with fans to keep your face cool and fog off your lenses.

There are different varieties of masks to help cater to all of the different preferences of player’s. The soft mask is perfect for people with larger faces because they offer movement flexibility. The hard masks are good if you’re looking for a little bit of extra protection.

Not only should you be worried about protecting your face while playing paintball, you should be vigilant about protecting your knees and shins as well. There is a lot of falling in paintball. If you fall heavily on your knees in rough terrain, it could lead to permanent injury. Try wearing kneepads as well as braces for extra support.

You’re not the only one who needs protection from the elements. To keep your paintball gun in pristine condition, consider buying a bag for it. Not only will a bag keep it safe, but it’ll come in handy for easy transportation as well. Oakley Bags make perfect carriers for paintball guns. They are big enough to accommodate even the largest gun, and their thick straps make for a comfortable wear.

Safety gear while playing paintball is very important. Try buying high-quality items to ensure that you’re receiving the best protection possible. Paintball is a fun sport, but it can be deadly.