Paintball Apparel Expands Over the Years

Paintball Apparel Expands Over the Years

Everyone knows that shirts and pants are important for paintball apparel. But paintball apparel has more than meets the eye. Jerseys, camouflage pants and cleats are a given when playing paintball but there are other accessories that help people gain an advantage over their opponents. These accessories include goggles that have expanded into masks (many tournaments and leagues require players wear their masks at all times while the players are on the field) to the water-resistance foam sandals you can wear after a match. The paintball suit is just the beginning to outfitting you for optimal performance and a winning season. The following is a guide to other items that should be on your must have list to round out your winning paintball apparel.

Masks Are the Paintball Apparel Most Necessary

When organized paintball competitions began in the early 1980s, paintball apparel was pretty limited. There were pants, shirts, guards and gloves. But what became apparent relatively quickly is that a paintball player was at a distinct disadvantage if he or she did not have accessories that protected the face. Goggles, of course, were introduce but as anyone who plays paintball knows, paint splatters and though goggles may protect your eyes they do nothing for the rest of your face. As competitions began to be popular and rules and referees were added, tournaments began to require that players wear paintball face masks. The protective masks must cover the eyes, nose, mouth and ears of a player. In tournament play many competitions require the players wear the masks at all time they are on the field to protect against accidental shootings and of course so no one gets their eyes shot out. But the mask also help to diffuse the paint that whirls around these fields, giving a player a way to shoot and play without choking on fumes and incidentals throw into the air from using compressed paint. Masks like the Empire E-Vents Goggle System with its cushiony face plate, strategically-placed vent holes and form-fitting ear guards are excellent examples of mask systems that liberate rather than suffocate the player. These systems allow the player to see, hear and play with speed and force without sacrificing security and protection.

Ear Pieces Added to Paintball Apparel

In addition to the goggle mask system, manufacturers have also created foam mesh ear pieces that fit with the goggle mask systems that allow for improved hearing and protection from flying projectiles.