Pain Control with the Empi TENS unit

Pain is a terrible thing to deal with when you are a patient trying to recover, but it is also a clear message of something wrong and is sent from the body to the brain. This is why physicians and therapists have to always use these "signals" to interpret their patients' conditions. This is not always good news for the patient who has to live with or discuss the pain, but then there are always the many ways that medical professionals can reduce or relieve the pain too!

For example, a therapist or doctor can use the innovative Empi TENS unit to deliver a totally non-invasive and drug free method of pain control. It is an electrotherapy device that can be used on its own or with other treatments to help someone to experience a notable decrease in their pain.

Let's put this into the proper context: the Empi TENS unit may reduce or decrease pain, but it does a lot more than that, and without mind-blurring medications or long-term therapy. Here is what we mean: you have a condition that creates chronic pain in the wrist and the hand. You may have acquired this condition because of the work that you do each day with your hands. So, this is a dilemma because you must keep using those hands, but it really hurts!

The Empi TENS unit can be used to deliver targeted impulses through the skin (this is where the device gets its name because the impulses are known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and to decrease the pain in order to help you to rehabilitate the tissue that is distressed. This means that you might apply the Empi TENS unit patches in the proper position (as directed by a physician) on the hands for a bit of time each day. This stimulation will reduce the pain, and sometimes eliminate it altogether. You can then experience a dramatic improvement in function and a reduction in the need for pain medication.

These devices can be used on the back or the neck, the lower back, the knee, the shoulder, and the wrist or hand. These are areas that are so well known for chronic pain, and this means that such targeted and safe pain relief is great news. Many medical offices now have "take home" machines for people with serious pain, but they also deliver treatment right in their offices too!

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