Need a New career? 5 Reasons to Consider a Business Degree Program

If you spend most of the time during your drive home from work thinking about changing careers or wondering if (finally) completing that undergraduate degree would make a difference in your life, then this is probably the opportune time to consider exploring a business degree program. Though a baccalaureate in any field is an accomplishment that you can put in your back pocket and rest, assured, knowing that no one can take that experience away from you; earning a business degree has its own unique benefits.

Here are 5 reasons to consider a business degree program:

1)     A Bachelor of Arts in Business offers several different areas of focus from which to choose.  In addition to a rigorous and comprehensive program in general business practices, you can choose to focus your studies in Management, Small Business Management, Food Service Management, or Psychology.

2)     As a candidate exploring career options with different employers, being able to show that you have earned a degree in business makes you that much more viable and qualified – no matter what the position – than someone vying for the same position who does not have a degree or who has a degree in something less universal – like Music Theory.

3)     Learning the intricacies involved in successfully launching, managing, maintaining, and marketing a business might very well inspire you to (finally) start your own small business.

4)     Many of the better academic institutions require the completion of an internship as a prerequisite to earning your business degree; this mandatory component will enable you to work out in the field at an actual corporation (for as many as 400 hours!) to gain hands-on, real-world, empirical knowledge of what you have been studying in theory.

5)     A business degree is the most universal, well-rounded, and easily-applicable Bachelor’s degree to obtain today. Having credentials that include a four-year degree in business demonstrate that you have completed a program of study that will enable you to make sound business decisions, apply management techniques that inspire, uplift, and motivate your staff, creatively and successfully market a business in today’s high-tech world of gizmos and gadgets, and have a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in daily business decision-making – an understanding that will help eliminate a high-employee turnover rate, increase client loyalty and referrals, and strategically position the company to which you are employed a step ahead of its competition.

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