In The Bay Area Solar Panels Rise In Popularity

If you’re living in the Bay Area, solar panels are a technology that you need to be taking advantage of. There are some pretty amazing benefits associated with the installation of a solar energy system in your home including an increased home value, savings on your electricity bills and a cleaner way to use and produce energy.

Bay area solar energy is the cleanest form of renewable power generation that is available in the 21st century. Millions of homeowners have joined the ranks of environmentalists and politicians worldwide who sing the praises of Bay Area solar panels as a means of dependency reduction as far as emissions-creating energy sources are concerned. It is a sad state of affairs that the electricity that we currently use to heat our homes and the gas that we use to power our cars is quickly killing the environment, making the environmental outlook for future generations bleak at best.

The state government in California is headlining an incredible initiative in solar energy installations, with almost 1200 projects installed and many others underway. The state believes so much in the benefits of solar panels that they provide homeowners with thousands of dollars worth of incentives to install solar energy systems in their homes. Also notable is the tax deduction provided by the federal government for those who make use of renewable energy systems.

In the year 2007 alone, photovoltaic (the cells that make up solar panels) installations increased by an astounding 57%! Can you imagine the incredible relief associated with knowing that smart homeowners across the country are making the switch to solar and lending a hand in mitigating the risks associated with the utilization of fossil fuels?

For residents of the Bay Area, solar panels are a great investment in your home and in your future. Reputable realtors have determined that homeowners who install solar are looking at a 5% increase in the overall value of their home. That’s more than the cost of renovating your entire kitchen! If you were planning on renovating your kitchen, you will certainly be able to do it after a year or so of having installed your solar panels, because the cost savings associated with the energy offset is between two and three thousand dollars per year!

Stop contributing to the over taxation of natural resources that are harming the environment and get solar for your home at, today!

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