I Love Shopping for New Stuff

Man, did I love going shopping when I was a kid. People tend to peg that as a “feminine” thing to say, but I strongly disagree. I probably did not go shopping for all the things the girls did, but I enjoyed it all the same. There is a feeling that goes with getting new stuff—new stuff before it is all scratched up and dirty—that makes you feel just plain awesome. When I got a bit older, and I started earning my own money working at the neighborhood Weinerschnitzel, that only made it better, spending (all) my hard earned cash on whatever seemed best at the time. When I finally started working in the real world, the budget was stressed out, but when you could afford a new video game or pair of shoes, it was special.

Unbeknownst to many people, video games were actually the last order of business. Video games tended to be not only expensive, but also looked down upon by my parents. They were much more willing to spend money on toys that could be used outside only: Super Soakers, skateboard equipment, baseball bats and gloves, and the like. Therefore, while a $50 copy of Super Mario Brothers 3 was out the door, $150 on a new helmet, a complete matching set of elbow and kneepads, and a basic set of in-line rollers were all right.

That was probably for the best. I got a little bit older, and, having already been matching and competing against other kid’s equipment, you have no choice but to keep going! You still get your video game now and again, but if the Jones’s kid gets a new board, you had to take inventory and decide if you were still hot stuff.

Now I am a lot older, and I do not skateboard as much—if at all—as I used to. In addition, the neighborhood mom’s give me glaring looks when I run around outside spraying kids down with my Ultimate Super Soaker that is bigger than them. So, I tend to stick with the video games a bit more. I am very glad they make skating games nowadays—I look silly out there on a board. I have also started investing in my personal library, garnering hardcovers of all the books I have loved throughout the years. Yes, there is just something about holding that brand new item in your hands… it never gets old!


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