Golf: Sport and Career

Over the last few years the popularity of game of golf has been on the rise due to popularity of some of the younger stars of the game such as Ricky Barnes, Troy Merritt, Michelle Wie, and Suzann Pettersen.

Many people have gotten into the game just because of some of the stars that were mentioned above, but as many of today’s aspiring novice players come to realize; it’s pretty hard to actually hit that little white ball at all, much less properly.

For those of you who want to become the next Barnes or Pettersen, you have to be realistic and think about taking a few golf lessons to get the basics of the game down.

Taking lessons from a professional teacher can help you in many different areas of the game such as:

  • Your golf swing
  • Your putting game
  • Getting out of the rough and navigating sand traps

The benefits of professional golf lessons

For someone who enjoys the game and wants to make a hobby of it, taking golf lessons from a qualified professional golf instructor is essential. A golf instructor can help you avoid bad habits that many players begin with, and in many cases become habits that are ingrained and very hard to correct.

You also may ask yourself the question “Are golf lessons worth the cost?” In one word, yes they are. Taking golf lessons is something that you do on your own, it’s not compulsory, so if you’re thinking of taking them in the first place then you already see the value in them.

Many times, the beginner golfer may decide after playing a few games on a beginner’s course and doing terribly, that it’s their golf clubs that are to blame. Taking a few golf lessons with an instructor is going to be less expensive in many cases than purchasing a new set of clubs, and of course the new player can learn how to break a bad habit that is hindering their game.

Is a Golf College right for you?

Are you a young player thinking about taking a college program to get a degree in the area of Golf Management? Taking a college course that focuses on a Science Degree in Golf Management may just be a good fit for you and your future goals.

The field of golf is a growing industry that is estimated as a $76 billion dollar industry, and is growing all across the globe. There are college degree programs that can help you achieve this goal within a 16 month time frame.

The game of golf has grown into an industry that can support those who not only love and play the game for sport, but people who are looking to earn a golf management degree and make a career of the sport. The future of many young golfers can burn very bright, and it all starts from just a few golf lessons.

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