Fun Adventures in Akron

In the summertime, the kids are free and —eventually— probably bored. With the children having so much spare time on their hands, summer is the perfect time for a family vacation. So, where do you go and what do you do when you get there?

Many people aim for big cities when arranging a summer excursion. Yet, sometimes the mere thought of navigating the chaotic trappings of a big city can be daunting. When summer fun is on your short list, you should enjoy the trip. Why not consider a place that offers metropolitan rewards without the big city drama? Akron, a mid-sized jewel in Northeastern Ohio, may is a great place for your summer vacation. With many things to do and plenty of places to stay (an Akron OH hotel is easy to find), a vacation in Ohio can be very pleasant.

Akron Attractions

Akron is a unique city that is considered urban, but is small-town friendly in its actuality. The city has a little bit of everything. Fun and interesting places to go in the Akron area include:

∑     The Akron Zoo

∑     Akron Art Museum

∑     Blossom Music Center

∑     John S. Knight Center (Akron Convention Center)

Places to Stay

Akron hotels, just like in any other city, vary in quality based on its individual star rating. For the sake of convenience, it may be best for you to choose a hotel with close proximity to your chosen activities. For example, if you are attending an event at the John S. Knight Center, Akron Convention Center hotels are probably the way to go. Although this quaint city has a good transit system that can take you to all points in Akron and beyond, it may be simpler to travel to your destinations on foot. Another great point about hotel accommodations is accessibility. If you are flying instead of driving, hotels are nearby each airport servicing the area. Hotels are available near the Akron-Canton Airport and Cleveland-Hopkins Airport. Even from points west, hotels near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base are easy to book.  Many family members will stay near the air force base when visiting as this makes the commute very easy.

Visiting Akron can be an affordable and refreshing option for a summer vacation. You can have all of the fun at half the price, without the ‘big city’ attitude.

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