Essential Massage Supplies for a Massage Therapist

When one first becomes a massage therapist, knowing all of the different massage supplies you need when you start your own business can be difficult. Even though you likely know what you need, remembering to buy it all can slip your mind. Before you start work on your first client, you need to make a list of everything that you could possibly need and then invest in it so you have it on hand. Here are some of the most important massage supplies you will need.

You will likely have already invested in a massage table, but you have to make sure that the table has all of the accessories it needs. You should have headrests, armrests, footrests, and a warming blanket for the table. If you have a stationary table, it might be a good idea to buy a portable table so you can visit a client in their home if you need to.

It's also important to have plenty of soft, high quality sheets for the table, since you need to change the sheets after each client. If you are in a spa setting, you will probably want to supply your clients with robes to wear, so you should make sure that you have different sizes available. You will also need to have cleaning solution to wipe down the table after each of your clients.

It's also a good idea to have a selection of different massage oils available. Heating and cooling oils, natural oils, and aromatherapy oils are essential so you can make sure that each client is happy. When you are buying the oils, it's usually a good idea to buy in large quantities. This ensures that you have enough oil and it is usually cheaper to buy in bulk.

Massage tools can help to make your job easier as well. Check into the different options for some of the electric and manual tools to see if any of them could be a good addition to your supplies. While most of the tools and massage supplies on the market are great, check the medical news sites on occasion to see any new techniques or tools that sound worthwhile for your practice.

You should also listen to your clients. If they ask for a specific type of treatment that you can't offer because you don't have the supplies, take note and order the tools later. You will then be able to ensure that the client is happy, and you can offer the service to others.

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