Do You Need A Password Vault For Least Privilege Computing?

Do You Need A Password Vault For Least Privilege Computing?

If you are implementing a least privilege rights management strategy at your data center, you may be asking yourself this exact question. Is it really necessary? What is a password vault good for, and how can it benefit me, my staff, or the bottom line of my business?

The answer is, it might not be necessary, but it helps. Least privilege computing thrives on the ability to reassign privileges dynamically as user duties shift and change, so if you are not using password vault software, you need some other way to manage this shifting access situation. There are a few options for this, naturally; many of them are very intricate solutions intended to be used at a larger numeric scale. It happens that using a password vault is an easy and efficient way, as long as your password vault offers some sort of controls on how it grants access and logs access requests.

Using a tool like this, it is easy to set up a least privilege access situation at your data center, where there is a baseline amount of access for all users based on their broadest job description, and then they are granted access upgrades via the password vault when it is necessary to allow them access outside the baseline level.

Although all this sounds quite complex, it does not need to be so. It only takes a few administrators to set up your vault and subsequently it is easily managed following the directions offered by the manufacturer. Once the software is in place, it makes access for all users quite easy. A request is sent to the vault, and the vault grants access to managed resources based on the user’s information and its own internal settings.

There are other ways to create a least privilege work environment, not the least of which is to employ a person to manage user privileges and keep an eye on their development and needs, but the password vault solution is a simple, intuitive one that is commonly used where scale is not a great concern. As the scale of your enterprise increases, you may find the need to explore other options. You may find that you already have the best solution for your scale, however, so don’t jump ship carelessly. It takes time and resources to install privilege access management services of all kinds, and they should not be discarded carelessly.

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