Compression Stockings Help with Running Recovery

More people than ever today are living a healthy lifestyle that includes eating nutritious foods, drinking lots of water and exercising. Running has become even more popular in recent years, with more people running in events like 10ks, half marathons and marathons. These events are a fun way for people to connect and to do their favorite sport, but they can be hard on the body. Recovery after an intense sporting event can be helped along and made easier with the use of compression stockings.

What are compression stockings? These are socks that tightly fit over the calves and usually stop at the knee. They compress the legs, which helps to increase blood and oxygen flow throughout the legs and feet. They were designed for people with such illnesses as diabetes, who have circulation problems and have stiffness or numbness in the legs. But with the running movement that has occurred in America and more runners than ever looking to find ways to recover from running events, these socks have become used for other needs.

Many runners and experts swear by the use of compression stockings for helping long distance runners to recover from tough events and training sessions. After an event, a runner can experience a heavy, tired feeling in the legs as the muscles try to repair themselves. Wearing these tight socks helps to send much needed blood and oxygen right to the muscles, increasing the rate at which they can repair. Runners also like to wear these stockings during hard efforts because they can offset the pain that many feel in the last few miles of a long race.

Studies conducted within the last few years show that elite runners who wear stockings that compress during races had faster times and were able to resume their normal training activities much quicker in the days following the race. Runners who are interested in the newest research studies and information about healing after races should consult online health resources. Knowing as much as they can about how to treat normal ailments and rejuvenate after events is important so that runners can be the best that they can be without injury.

Compression stockings are useful to many people, not just those with Diabetes. Runners especially have been proven to see great results when using these stocks and were able to get back on their feet much quicker after tough races and events. 

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