Backing Up ESXi From Windows


Perhaps the greatest aspect of ESXi is that it actually comes available in free versions as well and that the great majority of users do make use of those versions. Users in the United States tend to believe that VMware ought to include a simple method by which virtual machines can be backed up. An ESXI backup is of course of vital importance and the good news is that there are simple ways with which you can go about backing up an ESXi server which also does not take too long.

In fact it is actually quite easy to be able to setup for backup ESXi server. Even the quickest methods of backing up can slow down the system and take a fair while, so it is best to execute the procedure overnight. Things which are needed for the procedure include VMware VI Remote CLI for your computer’s installed windows, enough disk space on your system to be able to save the backup files there (and which won’t slow the system down after you have done so) and the backup script of

You need to be certain that you have modified the script mentioned above to suit your particular working environment. It can be edited in pretty much any text editor, so there is no need to worry about where to edit it. Extra lines which may cause problems may also be removed.

The IP address port needs to be altered according to the IP address of your server. Instead of “user” you will need to write your ESXi server’s root user, and the same applies to the password as well.

At the place where the data store is written you will need to mention along with the name of the particular data store where you intend to keep the backup versions of your files. You must also remember to write the data store in the form of bar brackets, otherwise your script will not be working.

At the server display name you will need to write the name precisely in the manner in which it has been written in VI client. Then the VI Remote CLI path needs to be added, after which you will need to mention the directory where you want to copy the backups to again.

Any type of backup and recovery tools can then be found by clicking on backup and recovery or backup esxi for a backup for ESXi.  

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