A Thai Massage Mat Offers Comfortable and Safe Treatment

Thai massage is a healing modality that was developed thousands of years ago. It is effective in promoting relaxation while also increasing a person’s overall feelings of vitality. The therapy involves a variety of stretching exercises and compression techniques that are facilitated by a therapist who has been trained in this ancient practice. Since the client is led through a variety of positions that work various muscles and tissues within the body, it is important to perform this technique on a Thai massage mat.

An authentic Thai massage mat will be padded enough to provide comfort for both client and practitioner. It should also be dense and firm enough that the client and practitioner can maintain balance and proper form during therapy sessions. Fitted sheets can be placed over these mats so that the workspace remains sanitary between clients.

With professional training and the appropriate equipment that includes a Thai massage mat, the practitioner will be able to effectively increase flexibility, boost energy levels, improve circulation, and promote relaxation in their clients. Additional equipment may include a kneeling mat that allows the practitioner to move around the patient with greater ease and comfort. Bolsters may also be used in order to assist the client in performing passive forms of stretches and movements while maintaining proper form.

It is common for this practice to be called Thai yoga massage since the practitioner used their own body to move clients into yoga-like positions. These positions increase flexibility by stretching the deep muscles of the body. To gain the most benefits from this therapy, it is essential to perform conscious breathing throughout every movement that is facilitated by the therapist.

This type of therapy is unlike the treatments that most people are used to in that clients do not spend the entire session lying down on a table. Even though the stretches require passive stretches for the client, these manipulations do tend to promote feelings of revitalization. At the same time, the passive stretches relax the deep muscles of the body. Most clients report feelings of calm and tranquility after their sessions.

Improved circulation is also achieved since the therapist performs a variety of kneading and stretching techniques that increase blood flow throughout the body. Medical resource studies show that the combination of techniques used in this form of therapy work together to increase circulation and improve many additional aspects of the client’s health.

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