A Guide to Thai Massage

Anyone who wants to experience the ultimate in relaxation needs to try a Thai massage. This soothing treatment is usually given on an authentic Thai massage mat, instead of a massage table. The Thai massage is a combination of yoga, stretching and massage. Many people who suffer from insomnia have experienced improved sleep patterns from this treatment. Like all massage therapy the Thai massage offers relief from anxiety and stress. In addition, Thai massage lessens joint pain; muscle aches, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate as well.

Thai massage is like yoga in that it is usually performed on mat. The therapist then stretches the client’s body using aided yoga poses. Sometimes Thai massage is called the lazy man’s yoga. This is because in yoga the participant is active, while getting a Thai massage is a passive act. Yet, don’t let this mislead you because it is generally active people and athletes who participate in Thai massage.

Athletes who engage in Thai massage take their muscle stretching to a whole new level. This therapy opens up joints and loosens muscles in ways the athlete cannot accomplish by himself. Thai massage also focuses on the body’s energy points. The therapist delivers deep massage into these energy points. This is thought to release the buildup of stagnant or bad energy from the body. You can find plenty of information regarding Thai massage via your favorite Internet health resource.

Thai massage has also been described as similar to prenatal yoga. This therapy has specific benefits for pregnant women like opening up the hips and loosening muscles. Since Thai massage is typically gentler than regular massages people who are recovering from surgery or injury can benefit from this milder type of massage. In addition, the Thai massage releases physical tension, mental stress, and diminishes negative thoughts too. Sports massage and other types of massage may include Thai massage techniques into their treatment.

To recap, Thai massage is available across the United States and is of benefit to anyone who needs or prefers a mild massage. However, just because it is a gentler treatment does not mean it is not effective. Like other types of massages, the Thai massage is known to relieve stress, tension, anxiety, joint pain, and sore muscles. If you recently had surgery or suffered an injury and are afraid that a regular massage might be too rough, try a gentle Thai massage instead.


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