A Brighter Future with Bay Area Solar Energy Systems

How much bad news about the environment can we take? In a time when only terrible news seems to arrive, it is refreshing to hear some good news about the potential for homeowners to both save money and decrease pollution with Bay Area solar energy systems. Can you make an impact on the worldwide prices of oil per barrel? You might feel hopeless thinking all you have is the power to vote, but gridlock in Washington is reaching unprecedented levels.

In other words, the best way to handle bleak environmental news and rising energy prices is to take matters into your own hands. Bay Area residents have always been at the fore of environmental causes and it is clear it will continue with the rise in Bay Area solar energy systems. Can most families now afford what was once an expensive investment? If you haven’t heard the news about Bay Area residential solar energy plans, you’re in for a surprise.

One of the big arguments against solar power over the years revolved around this expense. People had a hard time getting the capital together for the investment, giving fuel to the Big Energy lobbyists’ argument that this energy source wasn’t viable. Times have changed. The price of Bay Area solar energy systems has dropped considerably, eliminating the force behind this argument and brining the important issues back to the fore.

It is undeniable: Every time a Bay Area homeowner installs solar panels on his or her residence, it means less pollution and less dependence on foreign oil. It is clear that the U.S. cannot depend on the whims of foreign kings and dictators forever. It doesn’t make sense morally and it doesn’t make sense financially, either. The latest spike in oil prices has confirmed that fact for at least the 100th time. The status quo cannot continue and it is up to every citizen to make an impact.

Adding your home to the growing list accessing solar energy will mean big things at tax time. The cost of installation that has been prohibitive is now available for an energy tax credit. You can have 30% of the investment refunded in the form of a tax credit the following year. Further tax breaks will be available at the state level and even in the form of local tax breaks in Marin County and other Bay Area communities. There is a brighter future on the horizon; you have to take the first step.

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