5 Features of an Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Speed and scalability are critical in the world of advanced technology. Having an Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) makes it possible for multiple connections, increasing speed and growth as needed throughout a business. An EVPL makes it easy to share data of intense files and enhance connections geographically. EVPL allows you to adjust bandwith and offers controls by using easy to use online tools. Providers such as Comcast have EVC solutions which is Ethernet Virtual Connection. With an EVC you will be able to have an EVPL. Here are five features of an Ethernet Virtual Private Line.

Dedicated Connectivity

This is a single physical connection that connects and supports multiple Ethernet Virtual Connections. It gives continuous access to the Internet from one or more hosts from local networks.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

The room for growth is flexible as the Ethernet Virtual Private Line can expand as needed, making it scalable. The dedicated bandwith configures from 1 mbps to 10 gps. An EVPL can increase in space as more data is required.

Secure Connection

With a masked unique customer ID and the ability to bypass public internet, using an Ethernet Virtual Private Line enables a business to safely transfer data over the network without the concern of an unauthorized user viewing important information.

Web based Reporting

Statistics can be viewed at any time whether it is days before or days after it occurred. They can also be seen through a secured web portal.

Business Class Support

There is around the clock support from an experienced and dedicated service specialist. These services are also consistently monitored by a group of dedicated national team through the Business Class Network Operations Center.

Providers like Comcast have EVC solutions enabling the usage of an EVPL and its features. By using an Ethernet Virtual Private Line for a business, the advantages of space and privacy will increase as well as advancing the technology of the business, making it more current.

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