4 Great Wedding Decoration Ideas

A wedding is a very special occasion and it is important that the day goes off perfectly. That’s why wedding planning is vital, whether you and your family are handling it or you have having professional wedding planners.

Deciding on wedding decorations

There are some elements which have to be kept in mind before deciding on wedding decoration ideas. These include:

  • Time of day
  • Season
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Formal or informal
  • The amount of space
  • The number of guests
  • Kind of food
  • Color scheme

As all these are fixed elements, it is not difficult to factor them in when deciding on wedding decorations.

4 wedding decoration ideas

Green plants - instead of flowers have plants. Flowers are expensive and perishable. Nothing looks worse than wilted flowers. If you have lots of potted plants around, you are also going ‘green’ at your wedding, signifying your environmental friendliness. If you keep small potted plants at tables, these can double up as wedding favors for the guests.

Wedding sparklers – wedding sparklers add bling to your wedding at low cost. When lit in the night, they add sparkling light. You can get sparklers which add a golden glow or you can those which have red, green or blue flaming ones, along with the gold sparklers.

Garlands – instead of fabric/tulle which is commonly used as decoration for weddings, use garlands. These can be made of plastic or papers, are not expensive and you can even make them yourself if you are on a tight budget. You can color coordinate the garlands or use multi-colored ones to add lots of color to a wedding.

Balloons – you can use balloon which you have to blow up or the ready plastic ones. These are easy to put up and last. These, too, can be color coordinated with the color theme of the wedding.

You can spend a small fortune on wedding decorations, or you can do wedding decorations on a budget. It is a special day and you want everything to look just so. At the same time, as long it looks good, nobody really bothers about how much money was actually spent on wedding decorations, including wedding sparklers. Guests remember whether they had a good time or not. 


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