History of Huber Heights

Huber Heights: A City with History

Like much of the Midwest, Huber Heights, OH was once a township, Wayne Township, Ohio, that was focused largely on agriculture. Now, the city is one of the best residential areas outside of Dayton, but it still holds onto parts of its rich history. The city actually dates back to the 1700’s, and there are many things that you can learn about that history at the Dayton Museum of Natural History. Here’s some basic information on the history of Huber Heights, as well.

Before the early 1900’s, Huber Heights was really just a collection of farms in a county outside of the budding city of Dayton. The city started developing suburbs in the 1930’s, and it has been growing ever since. Charles Huber, the city’s namesake, was the one who bought the land and developed the first suburban houses that would later be incorporated in to the town of Huber Heights.

Now, the city is known as the one with the most brick houses in America, and it combines city spaces, planned suburbs, and wooded areas with spaces that were formerly farmed to create an interesting combination of country and city. The city is actually spread out among three counties: Green, which has the smallest portion of the city, Montgomery, and Miami, which is where the actual center of the city is.

Ever since its beginning, Huber Heights has been a family community, and still today most of the households in the city are made up of married couples living together with their children. However, times are progressing, and the demographics of the town are changing little by little. Still, even as the American definition of family changes, the city is still made of families; they just look slightly different than they did fifty years ago!