Huber Heights Community

If you are thinking about moving to Huber Heights, OH, you might be wondering what the community is like. You will be happy to hear that this residential area has plenty of community activities for the entire family, including the nearby Kettering Recreation Center, which offers a wide variety of water based activities. The Huber Heights library also has a large selection of books and even more activities for kids, adults, or the whole family.

At the Huber Heights Senior Center, you’ll find all sorts of activities run by helpful volunteers. There are exercise classes like Tai Chi and game nights for bingo, mahjong, and card games. You can also take computer classes, go on extended day trips, and enjoy ceramics and arts classes.

The library in Huber Heights is a part of the Dayton Metro Library system, which means that you can get just about any book imaginable through the inter-library loan system. The library itself is a great place to relax, hop onto a computer to do research, or ask questions of the helpful librarians. However, the community also often gathers at the library for plenty of fun events and educational seminars.

As an example, in past months, the library has had crafting days for all ages, reading clubs, and craft clubs for those interested in specific types of crafts. Also, there are game evenings for teens and elementary kids, family nights, and helpful talks about using the library. For those who love language it all its forms, there are poetry nights and talks by local authors and some who are nationally known. Home school families can hang out at the home school events during the day, and stay-at-home moms can get a bit of a respite by taking their toddlers and kindergartners to the story times, which are also during the day.