Huber Heights Wright Patterson Air Force Base

The air force base is a major part of the Huber Heights, Ohio community.
Employment at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base

If you’re moving to Huber Heights, OH, one of the first things that you should know about is the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This large base works to provide the military with the newest technology available by conducting research and development in several areas. Because the base focuses so much on the science and technology aspect of the military, it is a major employer for civilians in the area. Besides being an employer in the Huber Heights area, though, it is also an area attraction and has a great medical center on site.

The museum at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base is a great treat for anyone who loves American history or the military. It has several exhibits on various times in military history, as well as standing exhibits on the U.S. presidents of the past and present, and exhibits on various military memorials. The museum is open from nine to five daily except on major national holidays, and admission to the museum is free. Whether you’re visiting Huber Heights or getting ready to call it your home, the Wright Patterson Air Force Base Museum should definitely be on your list of attractions to visit.

The Wright Patterson Medical Center is also a sight to be seen at the Air Force Base. It is one of the largest in the Air Force, and it is big enough to take care of most of the needs of the medical community on site. Even though this hospital isn’t really for non-military families, it may offer job opportunities from time to time for civilian doctors and nurses looking to work in a large, progressive hospital that often uses advanced technology because it’s an integral part of a very scientific community. The hospital is very important for base families, who don’t have to go off site to have their needs taken care of.

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