Huber Heights Things To Do

Take the family to the park for a fun afternoon in Huber Heights, Ohio.
Planning a Dayton, OH Vacation

If you want to stay somewhere for your vacation that has a little bit of everything, Dayton, OH might be a great stop for you. In fact, if you stay outside of town in the smaller residential area of Huber Heights, you can enjoy small community activities, natural areas and public parks, and the attractions and sites of the larger Dayton. There are so many things to do in this area that you’ll definitely be able to satisfy the entire family even on just a short trip. Here are just a few ideas of places to visit when you’re staying in Huber Heights, OH.

If you love to be outdoors and are looking for a family vacation where you can get to both outside and inside attractions, Dayton is the place to be. There are several metroparks in the city. We aren’t just talking about dinky little parks with one tree and a swing set, either. The Taylorsville, Englewood, and Eagletown metroparks are all over a thousand acres, and they have tons of activities like boating, running, hiking, picnicking, and hunting. No matter where you are in Dayton, you’ll be close to a large park!

If you happen to be visiting on a rainy day, there are still a few things to do in Dayton. One of the best things is to visit the IMAX theater, which offers an experience for the entire family. The IMAX theater in Dayton happens to be connected to the Air Force Museum, as well, so you can get two attractions for one! You can see what’s currently playing at the theater, which usually has family friendly features, at Just click on the IMAX tool to see what the current shows, show times, and ticket prices are for your family vacation.


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