Huber Heights Shopping

Shop 'till you drop in Huber Heights, Ohio.
Shopping on a Dayton Vacation

If you love to shop on vacation, you will love staying in Huber Heights or Dayton, OH. There are tons of places where you can shop, including malls and smaller local shops. Here’s some information to help you find your way around this city’s shopping scene.

There are at least four major malls in Dayton, the Towne and Country Shopping Center in Kettering, The Greene in Beavercreek, The Mall at Fairfield Commons in Beavercreek, and the Dayton Mall, between Miamisburg and Centerville. Between these malls, pretty much any shopping you need to do can definitely get done, and you’ll also be able to find a place to shop that’s super close to where you’re staying in Huber Heights or one of the other Dayton suburbs.

The Greene is the newest of the shopping malls, and it’s probably also the most sophisticated, featuring several high-end restaurants on site. The other malls all include lots of national chain shops, though, so they are very popular as well. Each mall has its own feel and set of shops, so if you’re going to be around a while, you could visit them all to decide which is your favorite.

Of course, if you prefer to avoid the crowded mall in favor of Dayton boutiques, you have plenty of options, as well. The Guest House Art and Artisan’s Gallery near town is a great place to visit for home décor and interesting souvenirs, and Paradise Books is a great escape for the traveling bookworm. Plus, the town has tons and tons of secondhand shops and consignment joints if you want a true shopping adventure or simply need to save some cash. To find some of these places, check the areas around Dayton University, since college students are famous for their poverty and thrift!


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