Huber Heights Schools

Schools for all grade levels in Huber Heights, Ohio.
Huber Heights Schools

Huber Heights is a great community as far as schools go. Following is some of the basic information about the schools in the community and about contacting them for your various needs. Also, if you have a soon-to-be-college-student who wants to go someplace close to home, Dayton University is an excellent school, as well.

There are a couple of parochial schools in Huber Heights, St. Peter’s and Bethel, but the bulk of the students in the area are in public schools. Also, the area has some homeschool families, and those in the area get together at the library and other community locations to conduct classes and special events together.

Since Huber Heights is relatively small, all of its public school students go to one high school, Wayne High on Chambersburg Road, and there are only two middle schools. The elementary schools are smaller, though, and there are seven separate elementary schools. Students are divided into schools based on where they live. If you’re moving to Huber Heights and want to find out where your children will go to school based on where you’ll live, you can call the superintendent’s office at 937-237-6300.

Dayton University is a great choice for students graduating high school who want to stick close to home, and it’s also a great option for adults who want to further their educations or go back to school. The university itself is Catholic, but it offers a wide variety of classes and majors for all types of students. The university has several courses of study that are entirely online, and it is well-known for its upper-level teaching programs, as well as for its research programs. The graduate school offers fifty different post-graduate degrees, including a few doctoral degrees, which is an unusually high number for a private university.


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