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Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Dayton

Moving to or from the Dayton area is just as complex as moving anywhere else. Trying to take care of buying or selling a home on your own can be a huge mistake, since a realtor can usually get you better pricing for less work on your part. Finding the right realtor is key, though. Here is some information on some of the best Dayton realtors that you might work with.

Since Dayton is so close to Huber Heights, you can get a real estate agent who is actually located in the larger city, which gives you several more options. National realtors like Century 21 operate all over Dayton in many separate, smaller offices, and these larger corporation realtors can easily be located through the main parent company’s website, such as

Coldwell Banker Heritage Alliance Realtors has an office in Huber Heights on Brandt Pike. The office has thirty-three separate certified realtors who can take care of your needs. Each has a short profile on the Coldwell Banker website at From the profiles, you’ll be able to see how long each realtor has been in business, which types of properties each realtor specializes in, and which homes are listed with which realtors.

The best way to buy a home is to go through a realtor, who can help you get the best possible deal. Before you choose one to work with, though, you should call up a few different realtors and personally talk to them about what you want. This will help you ensure that you choose someone who is going to be really helpful when you need it and who will have the experience to help you get through the entire home buying process easily and as quickly as possible.


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