Huber Heights Hotels

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The Best Hotels in Huber Heights

Although the residential town of Huber Heights, OH is not exactly a prime vacation spot, it can be an excellent place to stay if you want someplace to sleep outside of Dayton but still close to many of the larger city’s attractions. Many Huber Heights hotels offer comfortable accommodations, and they’re in a much quieter, calmer area than the hotels in Dayton. Here are just a few of the best hotels in the area, depending on what you’re looking for in a hotel.

The Holiday Inn Express on Merily Way is one of the most popular and affordable hotels in Huber Heights, but the town also has a Comfort Inn and a Hampton Inn. All of these hotels have good reviews with travelers, and they all have about the same amenities. You can get wireless Internet access at many Huber Heights, OH hotels, and you can also take your kids to a place where there is a pool and possibly an outdoor playground.

If you need a really affordable option for your stay, the Baymont Inn and Suites has some of the best prices in town, starting at about $75 a night. The best part about all of these hotels in the Huber Heights area is that they are located in quiet, safe surroundings. Some of them are also just right off the Interstate, so they’re easy for through-travelers to get to, and they’re also right on the way to Cincinnati or Dayton.

The best way to choose the hotel you want to stay at is to call around for rates and specials. Many of these large chain hotels run specials on a monthly basis, especially for repeat customers. You can also choose a hotel based on what sorts of amenities it has, especially if you’re traveling with kids who expect to stay somewhere with a pool!


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