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The bus system makes for getting around Huber Heights, Ohio, easy.
Getting Around Huber Heights

One of the beautiful things about living just outside of a major city is that you can get around town on public transportation. There is a bus system in Huber Heights that runs to and from Dayton and around the city, and you can also rent a car pretty easily in Huber Heights or in Dayton, OH. Here’s some information to help you out.

The best place to rent a car is probably at the Dayton, OH airport, where you can get great price checks since all of the car rental kiosks are close by. If you’re going to be staying in Huber Heights for a while and will want to get to many of the area’s attractions, you’ll probably want to rent a car just for the sake of convenience. You can, though, take the bus around the whole greater Dayton area.

There are several local bus routes that run within Dayton, so you can get around the city pretty easily on the bus. Plus, there are a few routes that run out to the suburban areas, such as Huber Heights. There is only one bus stop in Huber Heights, but since it’s so small, this hardly matters. You can walk to the bus stop from pretty much anywhere in the center of the town.

Bus fare costs $1.75 per ride, or you can buy ten tokens for $15. If you’re thinking about moving to Dayton or if you’re staying a while, you might also consider buying a monthly or weekly pass, which means that you can get unlimited rides for a set fee. Some people who commute from Huber Heights into Dayton on a daily basis decide to go with this option. To check out the exact routes of all the buses and the times that buses stop in Huber Heights, you can look at the transportation authority’s official website at


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