Huber Heights Government Offices

Historic Dayton courthouse, not far from Huber Heights, Ohio.
Getting Legal and Governmental Help in Huber Heights

When you move to Huber Heights, OH, you’ll probably end up dealing with many legal matters outside of the small residential town and in the larger city of Dayton, which has its own courts and governmental offices. The city operates mainly out of a large City Hall, so here’s some information on how you can find the government offices and also a bit about how the Dayton and Huber Heights governments operate.

Most of the government offices in Dayton are located on West Third Street downtown. The City Commissioner’s office, the City Works office, and the other major offices of the city are located in this building to get contact information for any of these offices, you can go to the official city of Dayton website at The site is fairly simple to navigate, and it has contact information for any of the government offices that you might need.

If you’re actually living or working in Huber Heights, some of your governmental needs might be in that particular area. This town has its own Parks Department, Public Works Department, and City Council. The Government Center for Huber Heights is located on Taylorsville Road, and you can contact most of the government offices through the main phone number at 937-233-1423. If you need numbers for specific people or departments, it can be a good idea to check the official city website at

Both of these towns operate on a council-type government, but Dayton’s is obviously larger. Because of the fact that they are so close together in proximity and in fact, the government offices are often linked. Sometimes what you can’t get done in Huber Heights, you can get done in Dayton, so it’s a good idea when moving to the city that you know where both offices are and how to contact them.


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